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The Vulcan-Vulcap System

Heat pads and Airbags

B&J offers Vulcan Vulcap’s full range of Thermocouple Heatpads and Airbags for all Strap, Flexible, OTR and Truck Tire Repair Systems. The Heatpads are fully compatible with MONARCH, NATIONAL or VULCAN systems. They are equipped with the proper plugs for each system that they are ordered for. These pads generally are more rugged than pads manufactured by other companies and have a reputation for outlasting others.



vulcaflex otr systemVulcaflex OTR-System:

The Vulcan-Vulcap Vulcaflex® OTR Tire Repair System offers the most advanced method of curing OTR section repairs on one system to the professional tire repair man.  The system uses an outside flat airbag, an outside heatpad, an inside heatpad and an inflatable mandrel/airbag to accomplish distortion free repairs on radial, bias and low profile OTR tires.



B&J-Vulcan-Vulcap Brochure PDF