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Pre- Cured & Mold Cure Retreatding

Tire buffing is the process by which the old and worn tread on the tire is removed and the tire casing is prepared for the application of a new tread. A buffed tire provides a textured surface on the tire casing and this aids in proper adhesion for the new tread to be applied.

Retreading tires saves companies money, as well as being environmentally friendly and contributing to less waste produced.

Retreaded tires have undergone a remanufacturing process to replace the worn tread on used tires with new tread to help extend the life of the tire. Retreads account for nearly one-half of all replacement tires in the North American truck tire market.

Retreading is a proven and efficient way to increase the life of tires and is widely used on commercial tires and generally saves fleet managers between 30 to 50% off the cost of new tires.

B&J offers an entire line of products dedicated to retreading tires and getting them road ready again.

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B&J manufactures a wide variety of carbide repair tools and grinding tools used in tire skiving and repair. Throughout the retreading process, carbide tools are used in many areas such as, buffing the tire sidewall, removing old patches, prepping surface for a new patch to be adhered and repairing nail hole damage.

B&J offers both copper carbide and steel shot grit tools in many different sizes and grit options so no matter the need or application we have you covered.

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