Saturn III Rasp and Refills

Ø 11.5 Inch/ 273 mm - 6 Segments

The 11.5” Rasp (incl. Refills) or 273 mm (excl. Refills) has 6 segments. As opposed to our standard R-115 Rasp, which has 5 segments, it is possible to build up the Rasp off set. The off-set build up (switching spacer thickness) reduces the risk of extensive rubber strip creation during buffing, which can block the rubber dust extraction system. We recommend the use of TURBO cooling channels. 

- Pin length 96 mm
- Radius 75 mm
- 36 3/8" AC Spacers
- 6 3/16" AC Spacers
- 36 Apollo III Refills
- 12 Apollo Detreading Refills

PDF: All Saturn III Components (Article No.'s)