Saturn II Rasp and Refills

Ø 9 Inch / 211 mm - 4 Segments

The SATURN II 9” Rasp (incl. Refills) or 211 mm (excl. Refills) shows one remarkable technical difference to the standard 9” Rasp named R4. It is equipped with stronger pins of 5/16” or 7.9 mm Ø. Therefore it is suitable for heavy usage. Especially for conveyor belt buffing, where rasps with a width of more than 200 mm or more are used, this rasp type is recommended. The rasp has 4 segments, which makes it suitable for an off-set build up. We recommend the use of TURBO cooling channels. 

- Pin length 96 mm
- 36 1/4" AC Spacers
- 40 Apollo II Refills

PDF: All Saturn II Components (Article No.'s)