R-4 Rasp and Refills

Ø 9 Inch / 211 mm - 4 Segments

The 9” Rasp (incl. Refills) or 211 mm (excl. Refills) provides utmost flexibility. It is available in 4 versions: NS, REG, AP and AP Convex. In addition, we currently offer 12 different high quality B&J refill types. No matter what kind of texture is desired, the individual modification of these parameters provides you with all possibilities. The rasp has 4 segments which allow an off-set build up. Pin diameter: 1/4” or 6.35 mm. We recommend the use of TURBO cooling channels. 

R 4 AP Convex
- Pin length 96 mm
- Radius 100 mm
- 32 1/4" AC Spacers
- 1 x 6 mm HD Spacers
- 40 R-4-25 S.J. Refill

PDF: All R-4 Components (Article No.'s)