R-115 Rasp and Refills

Ø 11.5 Inch / 273 mm - 5 Segments

The 11.5" Rasp (incl. Refills) or 273 mm (excl. Refills) is probably the most popular rasp used. This 5 segment rasp allows you to select from the widest range of available refill versions. Best results will only be achieved when using the optimal refill or rasp. 
We recommend the use of TURBO cooling channels. 

R 115 REG Convex TURBO
- Pin length 96 mm
- Radius 75 mm
- 45 1/4" AC Spacers
- 50 R-115-25 S.C. Refills

PDF: All R-115 Components (Art. No.'s)