Other Buffing Tools

B&J Carbide Schleifkegel und -ringe

The B&J Carbide Cones and Rotor Saws are ideally suited for nail hole repairs as well as for deep, narrow holes where damage to the tire should be minimised. With lengths of up to 102 mm, widths of up to 25 mm and a grain size of 14 or more, any repair can be carried out quickly and efficiently.
The B&J Rotor Saws have been specially developed for smaller repairs or inspection work. With diameters from 15 mm and a width from 3 mm and more, the tread surface remains as small as necessary.


Steel Shot Grit

B&J Stift­rauer und Hart­metall­rotier­fräser

B&J Pencil Rasps and Carbide Cutters are the best choice for optimum machining of nail holes in radial or diagonal tires. Sharp edges and a long service life for the cutters as well as diameters from 6 mm and more for the carbide Pencil Rasps enable professional machining of any damaged area.

B&J Star Wheels for Conveyor Belts

B&J Star Wheels are proven tools for buffing runners and conveyor belts. By using them on different shaft diameters, the width can be selected freely. Even with a hand shaft grinder, fast and economical buffing of large surfaces is guaranteed with a width of up to 100 mm. Star Wheels are available in sizes up to 245mm and in grit sizes from 14 and more.

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