B&J Regrooving blades & machines

In order to increase the mileage of truck tyres, the tread on certain tyres can be regrooved. In accordance with European (ECE) and American (DOT) regulations, tyres where this is possible are clearly marked on both sidewalls with the word REGROOVABLE.
If you increase the mileage of worn tyres by 25% by regrooving their tread, you save one complete tyre when regrooving four tyres. In addition, about 70% of raw materials for new tyres are saved. This saves money and protects the environment. Regrooving the tread is not recommended in every case for tyres that are to be retreaded after reaching the run down limit. By reducing the basic thickness, it is much easier for foreign material to penetrate the steel belt. Damage to the steel belt or even rust formation in the area of the steel belt can greatly impair the suitability for retreading. The right time for regrooving the tread is when the residual
tread thickness is 2-4 mm.

B&J regrooving blades are made of high-quality steel and hardened in a special process. B&J blades are available as round bottomed blades or flat bottomed blades in different sizes. Due to their special sharpening, B&J blades guarantee optimum sliding properties during the regrooving process.

PS15 Plus

The profile cutter PS15 Plus with a power of 500 Watt and 5 heating levels, which can be selected by a rotary switch.

Art. No. 840002

PS15 Truckstar Plus

The profile cutter PS15 TRUCKSTAR Plus with a power of 500 Watt and an electronic heat level selection.

Art.No. 840003