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the retreading needs

Innovative tools for

Better cooling,

longer lifetime,

faster buffing cycles.

Professional tools,

best results,

Good Job!

Welcome to the world of B&J Rocket, where product quality and customer satisfaction have secured our position as market leader. For over 75 years, our tools have been indispensable in tire retreading, tire manufacturing, tire repair and other industries.

Rasp heads & Refills

B&J Rocket rasp heads are made from high quality forged aluminum and not only last longer under normal working conditions, but also offer users a high level of safety. 
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All B&J Carbide tools are available in all standard grit sizes. We offer a wide range of different tools for every imaginable type of operation.
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With B&J Rocket accessories we put great importance on the highest quality, so you can work on your retreads safely. If you're missing something, just contact us.
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