"B&J blades are simply the best. The Eagle II

blades have proven to provide longer service life

and the most consistent buff texture from start to

finish compared to other blade brands.”

Derek Barlow, Southern Tire Mart Las Vegas, NV

“B&J consistently exceeds expectations when it

comes to communication and customer service.

They are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate

them as a vendor and partner.” 

Brian McGeoghegan, Mohawk Rubber Sales Hingham, MA

“The staff at B&J are consistently prepared,

professional and knowledgeable. They do an

excellent job in the retread community improving

plant efficiency and thereby reducing overall spend."

Joe Maffia, Rubber Inc. Chicago, IL

"B&J developed a Carbide for us that is much more

efficient and cost effective than our previous tools for

OTR repairs. I highly recommend B&J products

for their quality, consistency and performance."

Noah Hickman, H&H Industries Oak Hill, OH

“Our retread shop has been using B&J buffing

blades and carbides for years. We can always count

on B&J’s quality tools to produce quality retreads

for our customers.”

Rob Majewski, Sumerel Tire Service Newport KY


B&J Rocket continues to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, though under special conditions.

Our offices will remain open and our internal contacts will continue to be available to our customers. We continue to work under strict conditions and are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and partners.

We have been in touch with all of our important raw material suppliers and there is no interruption in receiving materials. Therefore, we do not expect an impact to our stock levels.

Needless to say, we continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation and will continue to keep customers updated.

If you have any questions please reach us at info@bj-rocket.com or 574-825-5802.

Welcome to the world of B&J Rocket, where product quality and customer satisfaction have secured our position as market leader. For over 75 years, our tools have been indispensable in tire retreading, tire manufacturing, tire repair and other industries.

Rasp heads & Refills

B&J Rocket rasp heads are made from high quality forged aluminum and not only last longer under normal working conditions, but also offer users a high level of safety. 
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All B&J Carbide tools are available in all standard grit sizes. We offer a wide range of different tools for every imaginable type of operation.
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With B&J Rocket accessories we put great importance on the highest quality, so you can work on your retreads safely. If you're missing something, just contact us.
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