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World premiere for B&J ROCKET:
The new AIRBOT® series at the REIFEN fair

May 2012



B&J Rocket presents the innovative successor of the worldwide established B&J RFBOT buffing tools 


The RFBOTs (Round Faced Buff Out Tool) from B&J are in daily operation at almost every retreader or tyre service. The quality in terms of lifetime, concentricity and efficiency is the key argument again and again, making this tool the most used buffing tool in workshops and the industry.  

Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, B&J presents the successor at the REIFEN fair in Essen this year.  After intensive development and extensive tests the Swiss company looks forward to the introduction of the new series with the striking name AIRBOT®.

The considerably rounder profile ensures a smoother buffing crater. The RFBOT AIRBOT® series with its angled set-up works noticeably more efficiently; reduction of buffing time is proven. At the same time the tool is cooled considerably better due to its open design, resulting in a longer lifetime. “Our users have been testing the new buffing tools for us extensively and are positively surprised by our new AIRBOT® “ explains Andreas Müller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket. “No one had expected that such significant improvements could be made on the established design of the B&J RFBOT.”

This development is a result of the constant dialogue with B&J customers worldwide. Müller adds: “This is yet a further step on our road to success and high customer satisfaction”. 



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