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Keep it cool – the new Alu I-Beam Air Spacers from B&J

July 2010

B&J Rocket Sales AG introduces the next generation of its proven I-Beam spacers. The new Alu I-Beam Air spacers provide more cooling and a longer life-time.

The B&J I-Beam spacers have gained a remarkable reputation for durability and reliability in the industry and thus – have turned into a top seller over the years. Not surprisingly, they are the basis for further development. With the new Alu I-Beam Air spacers B&J have created a cooling technology for the solid spacers by introducing special slots that provide a strong and effective ventilation for the buffing head.  The perfect combination with other cooling technologies (e.g. Super Cool refills or the TURBO cooling channels) creates a process, that not only leads to an improved cool buffing result but also to a significantly longer lifetime of refills without any loss of spacer stability. „We are confident that these new Alu I-Beam Air spacers will quickly become a standard in retreading technology and eventually completely replace existing spacers,” says Andreas Müller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket.


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