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February 2010


Dear Customer,

In the past we have been informed from several sides of our dealer network about some black sheep offering a regritting service for B & J tools. This is neither an official service offered by B & J nor recommended by our experienced production staff.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this procedure might cause problems regarding quality and lifetime of the tool, but can also be very dangerous for your own local operators. The unprofessional experiment of regritting a tool might cause gaps between side plate and outer surface of the carbide and surely has influence on the balance of the tool. In bad cases outer surface could dislodge and even break off with unexpected consequences.

Please be aware that B & J will not accept any claims caused by unprofessional operations and services offered by third parties. B & J has its own program of regritting for B & J made tools. Only these professionally regritted tools will be covered by our warranty program.

Thank you for your appreciated attention and kindly inform your team accordingly.

B & J Rocket Sales AG


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