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New tyre paint with improved formula

October 2009

B&J Rocket’s successful tyre paint has been optimized and promises stronger coverage, faster drying times and a brilliant sheen. Additionally, it limits the risk of component separation during storage and it gives the colour a more pleasant smell.

The Swiss company is constantly improving its product portfolio and does not make an exception when it comes to perfected products such as tyre colour. The new “Tyre Paint Plus” colour is recognised by a star on its product label, and for a very good reason. The previous tyre colour cannot be mixed with the new colour with the star. “The properties and finishing of the new colour have been improved considerably and are marked by the star”, explains Andreas Müller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket Sales AG. B&J recommends warming up the colour to at least 16°C 24 hours before usage, stirring it thoroughly and using it within 12 months for best results. Müller adds: “The effect is remarkable, and all this with the same price tag!” The new tyre colour will be launched in the next few weeks.

Not only products are being improved constantly but also the service for customers and dealers. Very shortly the legally necessary documents for import & export (material safety data sheets) for the new product will be available on the web page of the manufacturer under

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