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B&J extends its repair program

May 2009

The Swiss company is renowned worldwide as a supplier of constant product quality and reliable service and is without doubt a key player in the retreading market. Besides the well known Rasp and Carbide tools B&J also offers tyre patches in all common sizes since more than 5 years, which is why the company has also made itself a name in this area of tyre repair. So far, however, there were no products for the fast repair of nail hole and puncture damages of the tyre tread. So-called mushroom plugs are a popular way of repairing these injuries fast and with little effort."Under the name ROCKET COMBI we now have 5 different sizes, from 1.5 to 10 mm, for such injuries in our program", explains Andreas Müller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket Sales AG in Baar. The commonly used sizes of 6 to 8 mm diameter are also available in different packaging units. Just as the existing repair products the ROCKET COMBI repair material may be obtained via the respective sales outlets and dealers as well as the B&J Online Shop.


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