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75 years of dedication to retreading - 
B&J Rocket celebrates its anniversary


February 2017:  


B&J Rocket looks back three quarters of a century on a multitude of milestones in the development and supply of highly efficient grinding and buffing tools for the tyre retreading industry. In 2017, the company wants to celebrate with its customers.

When Roy Barnes and E.B. Jensen founded the B&J Manufacturing Company in Chicago in 1942, the road to the revolution of buffing heads was already paved. Three years later, after intensive research and development work, the new B&J buffing systems with interchangeable blades replaced the extremely inefficient tack type rasp system familiar at the time. With the introduction of the modern jet blades in 1956, the tyre retreading industry was very happy with an innovation, which was established as a world-wide standard. It is still valid to date, and has in fact been copied several times. Since stagnation is considered a step backwards, B&J continued with research and development in the following decades.

Quality and profitability have always been the number one priority with emphasis on the ongoing dialogue with customers worldwide. "Only when we listen carefully to our users, do we know what they want and need. They are the experts in tyre retreading, for whom we further develop our product range as required," explains Andreas Müller, President of B&J Rocket. Today, the US / Swiss company has a wide range of highly efficient tools for the tyre retreading and conveyor belt industry. Increasingly, additional markets are opening in the construction and wood industry, in prosthesis manufacturing as well as many other areas. Buffing systems, grinding tools, machines, or other special accessories - everything comes from a single source with the highest quality customers are now accustomed to: B&J Rocket has made its mark. 

Communication with the target groups must also be right. In recent years, B&J has therefore invested significantly and today offers a distinctive, modern Internet presence as well as a complete catalogue, which now has become a standard reference in the industry. With the help of its customers and their requirements, B&J Rocket will continue its research and development to further improve already exceptional products for the future. The new EVO blades are a suitable example.

"We will always focus on customer-oriented service and the highest standards of quality to achieve maximum customer satisfaction," says Müller, letting on at the same time that B&J Rocket will thank its customers for the long-standing loyalty with various promotions during this anniversary year.



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