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In dialogue - B&J Rocket listens to their customers


May 2016:  


Further improvements and adjustments to the products are meeting customer requirements.

Stagnation means regression – true to this motto B&J continuously develops products in close dialogue with their customers worldwide. In this process the Customer Forum "ProTeam" plays an important role. By sharing experiences the market leader in buffing systems in the tyre retreading industry learns, what is needed in practice. Accordingly, the company now offers an advanced 225mm or 9"copper Unit Wheel with the name UW-Air. This Carbide wheel provides significantly better cooling and collects far less rubber dust in the work process than the conventional model.

In addition, the proven AIRBOT® buffing tools are now also available with a round arbor hole next to the well-known version with hexagonal arbor hole. "That was an explicit customer request, which we are happy to comply with," says Andreas Müller, President of B&J Rocket.

B&J also considers environmental aspects and the health factor, e.g. when using the heavy metal nickel, which until recently seemed necessary, especially for the Steel Shot Grit and Super Patriot tools. Since 2015, the company has changed the production of its line-up and supplies customers with nickel-free products. The performance properties of the tools, their efficiency and service life are unchanged compared with their predecessors. Müller points out: "Today you will find no nickel in our products and production facilities!"


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