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B&J Rocket gradually launches EVO-Blades sale


May 2016:  


The new buffing blades of the company convince in the field test and go into sales now, step by step.

When B&J Rocket first announced the development of new buffing blades at the 2014 fair "REIFEN", there was talk of an evolution. B&J had developed a new manufacturing process, through which the blades, outwardly almost unchanged, now work much more effectively. The individual teeth cut much more aggressively, faster and remain sharp for a longer period. This in turn reduces heat and smoke development and, summarizing all properties, results in longer service life of the blades. In addition to a significant cost saving, the result is also a better retreaded tyre. Since buffing times are shorter and heat generation is reduced, the properties (flexibility) of the tyre rubber are maintained, meeting   the increased modern requirements of retreaded tyres. In the preliminary stages much research and development work on the part of B&J was necessary because only a 100% reliable product can be introduced to the market, explains Andreas Müller, President of B&J Rocket: "We see a clear responsibility towards our customers, and therefore, the new EVO-Blades were initially tested extensively in practice worldwide."

From these tests B&J has obtained much valuable feedback and made further improvements. Meanwhile, the EVO-Blades are in a ‘patent pending’ status and the company can demonstrate measurable results: On average, the new blades increase performance up to 25%, in the peak up to 48%! These are significant figures for Müller. "Now we can go on the market with the EVO-Blades in their different designs with confidence." Initially, the new blades are offered gradually in the US. More markets will follow progressively, depending on the blade type or region.


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