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From revolution to evolution – the new ROCKET EVO-BLADES


May 2014:

B&J refers to it as an evolution and introduces the new generation of their buffing blades at this year’s “REIFEN” exhibition.

It was like a revolution, when in 1945 the two B&J company founders Barnes and Jensen presented their new Rocket rasp system to the world, consisting of rasp head and refills. At the time this marked the birth of a new era of tyre retreading – faster, more efficient and more profitable economically – and since then is considered a worldwide standard.

Almost 70 years later, the Swiss company presents the result of a consistent development of the buffing blade, the new ROCKET EVO BLADES, at this year’s “REIFEN” exhibition end of May. "This is the logical result of years of user experience, intensive research and constant advancement of the manufacturing process," explains Andreas Mueller, Managing Director of B&J Rocket. EVO stands for "Evolution", which has taken place in the interior of the blade. It was important for B&J to maintain the basic and worldwide established concept in the industry of rasp head and buffing blades. However, B&J has managed to change the properties of its blades significantly and noticeably by means of a completely new manufacturing process. Each individual tooth cuts now far more aggressively and faster, and remains sharp very much longer. This in turn minimizes the amount of heating by friction when cutting and during the buffing process. Also, the emission of smoke is reduced considerably. The result is a better retreaded tyre, which meets growing modern requirements. Mueller adds:”Our evolution is measurable.”

B&J ships their ROCKET EVO-BLADES in boxes of 30 sets, reducing the packaging weight by about 10 kg. The boxes can thereby be handled much more easily without strain to the back and also no longer run the risk of tearing, as the company explains.


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