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B&J’s ROCKET TYRE NEW, a colour refresher for old and used tyres, gives grey tyres the typical dark matt colour tone of new tyres back. No dirty hands, no time consuming cleaning job! In minutes your tyres receive a durable and lasting colour refresher, as non-abrasive as new tyres. And all of this without Silicon, which is harmful to rubber but is usually found in other colour refreshers and cleansers.


ROCKET TYRE NEW specifically addresses tyre service stations, second-hand car dealers, car wash facilities, Antique museums and car/motorbike restorers who set a high value on a perfect look. Even private users who care for their cars will appreciate the advantages of ROCKET TYRE NEW.


Currently there is a strong trend in the tuning world for matt black wheel rims. ROCKET TYRE NEW will be loved by tuning specialists because it removes the grey colour layer of tyres quickly and gives back the deep black colour. Not only tyres will receive a new look but also other rubber components that have lost their original matt dark rubber colour.



12 bottles of 100 ml (English label)

Art. No: 820002

1 bottle of 100 ml (English label)

Art. No: 820001

12 Flaschen 100 ml (Deutsches Etikett)

Art. No: 820004

1 Flasche 100 ml (Deutsches Etikett)

Art. No: 820003