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Tyre Paint

Tyre Paint

B&J's New Look Tyre Paint Plus applies a rubber veneer finish to the tyres sidewall with the result of an undeniable NEW TYRE look. The water based, non air polluting paint is available in pre-mixed 20 liter pails and 200 liter drum containers. Used at all major tyre retreading plants. Also used for shops and second hand car dealers giving their vehicles a NEW TYRE look.


  • Water based - no air pollution in working area
  • Pre-mixed & ready to use
  • Covers all chalk marks
  • Dries quickly
  • Rain proof
  • Frost and thaw weather proof
  • Available in 20 Liter pails and 200 Liter drums
  • Easy to apply using spray gun, sponge or brush

New Look Tyre Paint

"New Look Tyre Paint Plus", waterbased, 200 lt.

Art. No: 820200

"New Look Tyre Paint Plus", waterbased, 20 lt.

Art. No: 820020