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B&J Rocket puts an end to heavy blade packaging

The lighter boxes will be significantly easier on the back and legal regulations are better adhered to.

With its Rocket buffing blades, B&J Rocket continually sets standards in terms of quality and performance in the buffing tools market. Research, development and constant dialogue with customers and users are of great importance. However, the company always has an eye on the legal requirements that exist in the different countries regarding the "healthy workplace". In order to better meet these regulations, B&J Rocket changes the packaging unit and makes the packaging boxes 10 kg lighter. The boxes consisting of 30 sets (formerly 50 sets / 25 kg) weigh only 15 kg and are thus much better suited to the actual load limits for the lifting and carrying of occasional loads.

B&J Rocket not only looks at the legal bases, but also at all the people who work with the tools daily. The lighter boxes protect the backs of the employees on the customers’ side, as well as with the service providers of the logistics or with the freight carriers.

In addition, the lower number of blade sets per box allows for a more flexible purchase of goods and optimizes storage due to a more compact packaging.

B&J Rocket will be introducing the pack sizes dynamically by spring of 2018: depending on the destocking of 50s boxes at companies and dealers, the corresponding type of blade will be delivered in successively 30s packs.

Andreas Müller, President B&J Rocket, has a clear statement: "Our price structure remains unchanged, as we charge for each blade rate and not per box!" Müller emphasizes further: "This measure is the legal upper limit for workplace health regulations." In addition, he is convinced that this change will quickly and positively prove itself to long-term customers and end-users.