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B&J Rocket America Inc. Announces Manufacturing & Warehouse Relocation

El Paso, Texas. December 2020 - The market leader for retreading and repair tools is in the process of moving their manufacturing facility and warehouse to El Paso, Texas. The focus of the relocation is to better serve customers globally, especially the Latin American market. B&J plans to be shipping 100% from El Paso in the first quarter of 2021 and has been diligently building stock levels so they are able to continue to deliver product on time, avoiding any delays during the transition.

“We are excited about this move as it will provide us with many efficiencies and geographic benefits” says Marcos Guzman, President & CEO of B&J. Guzman adds “Our new facility will provide us with the square footage for growth as we modernize our manufacturing equipment and improve productivity”.

A memo to distributors was sent out in November with detailed information about the relocation. The B&J office and sales team remains intact and reachable by the same phone number, 574-825-5802.

Founded in 1942, B&J today is the unquestioned leader in tire buffing products for the retreading industry. B&J revolutionized the tire buffing process in 1945 by introducing the rocket rasp system using blades rather than tacks. This was the birth of the now famous B&J Rocket Rasps. B&J has been manufacturing in the Midwest since its inception, adding carbide repair tools along the way and continues to manufacture carbide repair tools at their facility in Tarm, Denmark.

B&J Rocket America Inc.
New Operations Address:
6968 Industrial Ave Unit B
El Paso, Texas 79915

For more information contact:
Caitlin Smith
B&J Rocket America Inc.

General Manager Sales